Kamil Awid, M.Eng

Who is Kamil?

Dabbler of many technologies and an expert in a few areas ranging from product design to software engineering. Believer of breadth of learning and using the best tools for the job. Specializations include android, web and desktop development.

What has Kamil done professionally?

PHP, Javascript (jQuery, jQuery Mobile), Java (Android SDK), MySQL, Cocoa/Objective-C, Neo-4j, MongoDB, CodeIgniter, C#/.NET

But wait, there's more..

Kamil is a big believer in design processes for innovation of new products. Design thinking, ideation, and abductive reasoning are just a few of the design tools Kamil uses in the development of new products!

Why is this page so boring?

In a few years, anything I will do on this page will seem ugly and outdated. Black on white is classy!